November 22, 2021 /
Jona Elwell

We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

Happy Thanksgiving great Casey Trees fam! We feel a bit like a broken record saying this, but after a(nother) unprecedented year, we are so very grateful and thankful for our members, supporters, volunteers, advocates, and partners. Trees anywhere, but especially in cities, do not exist in a vacuum. They are part of a broader ecosystem and built environment that involves just about every facet and agency of city life. It’s this reason that we want to say we’re especially thankful for a constant companion in this urban forestry journey: the Urban Forestry Division of DDOT!

The Urban Forestry Division is a team of roughly 20 certified arborists, two landscape architects, several staff assistants and a capable field crew, all of whom provide unparalleled care for our city’s trees. UFD has steadily worked to improve the city’s overall tree canopy through innovation, vigilance, and, increasingly – partnership.

We’re grateful to be able to successfully and fruitfully partner with them on numerous planting projects throughout the District. Afterall, many hands make light work. From working to our shared goal of reaching 40% canopy coverage by 2032, to joining forces to plant on District owned spaces like parks, to crafting thoughtful, impactful legislation to protect trees, we’re appreciative that it is so fun and easy to work together.

While you may not be a city agency focused on trees, everyday citizens and residents are the other backbone of our work and constant companion. The easiest way to partner with Casey Trees year-round is through supporting our work as an Evergreen Member. By becoming an Evergreen Member, your monthly sustaining contribution ensures we can continue our work no matter the season. Trees require year-round care and it takes resources to maintain them, advocate for their protection, and conserve land that they stand on. While our Evergreen members directly support our work, they also directly get sweet perks like advanced registration at our events, a discount to our online store, and exclusive goodies throughout the year.