Blog Post By Jona Elwell

To Our Supporters

A big, heart-filled thank you to all those who made a charitable gift to Casey Trees in 2020. It was an unprecedented year in so many ways and we could not have made it through with your support. 

Thanks to over 550 donors, almost 50 of which were totally new to Casey Trees, we raised almost $66,000 in our end of year giving campaign! To those donors we want to say thank you. All of this will go directly towards our mission of safely restoring, enhancing, and protecting the beloved tree canopy of our nation’s capital. 

As always, our broad group of supporters and friends stepped up and showed us the power of our community and what we can accomplish together. This was especially apparent when our members and donors went above and beyond and helped us secure a $5,000 match in one day!

Traditional giving season may be over, but is always open and available. Consider becoming an Evergreen member and support trees year round. You can also give onetime, shop our online store, and even adopt a tree and send it as a gift!

Giving isn’t the only way to help your urban forest — there are plenty of ways to support Casey Trees and our mission. You can learn something new through Casey Trees Remote, take advantage of our tree planting programs and more.

We truly appreciate your generosity, friendship and shared belief that a tree-filled DC is a better place to live, work and play. If it’s anything like last year, 2021 will bring new things: processes, locations, classes and will hopefully feature some tried and true favorites we miss: events with dozens of volunteers, an Arbor Day bash celebrating our hard work, and planting trees throughout all eight wards.

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