Blog Post By Jona Elwell

From the Archives: Winter Tree Care

Some helpful tips to consider while caring for your trees throughout the winter, whether it’s mild and warm or snowy and frigid – afterall, you never know what DMV weather will bring!

  • Without leaves or buds, winter is a great time to inspect your trees. See anything unusual or worrisome? Trees may need structural pruning if they have damaged branches. Find pruning how-to videos on our website. When in doubt, hire one of our certified arborists!.
  • While it was a mild start to winter, remove snow and ice when it’s there. Removing snow and ice from the tree’s branches will protect tree branches from bending and breaking.
  • Avoid sweeping salt into tree boxes. Salt can make it more difficult for roots to absorb water, even into spring.

Check out more tips for year-round tree care, as well as video tutorials and more! Only 75 days until spring…

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