Blog Post By Jona Elwell

We’ve Got You Covered. Literally.

At Casey Trees, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Since our inception in 2002, DC’s tree canopy has been steadily increasing. In fact, this year’s canopy analysis confirms that the 80,000 trees planted city-wide over the past 15 years are starting to get big. And just as important, thousands of large trees protected by the city’s tree laws keep growing. 

The young trees in particular — which will live for many more decades — along with thousands of others soon to be planted, will help us inch our way toward the city’s 40 percent canopy goal. A lush canopy means more shade for people, sidewalks, homes, and businesses; slower traffic; greater stormwater capture; and more leaves to filter carbon and pollution from the air.

We’ve got you covered. And now we’re asking for your support to help us make DC a sustainable city with an impressive canopy through planting, education, advocacy, maintenance, and community engagement. Will you donate today to help us inch closer to 40% canopy coverage? Just like each and every tree helps, each and every donation, no matter the amount, is helpful and appreciated!

It takes a village to cover a city with trees. It’s hard but necessary work. After all, DC’s urban forest:

  • Has over two million trees
  • filters enough rainwater to fill 502 Olympic size swimming pools
  • is worth about $2.4 billion. Yes. Billion.
  • is one of the most cost-effective and efficient natural climate solutions.
  • stores 649,000 tons of carbon which is equivalent to 2,381,830 tons of Carbon Dioxide every year. That’s equivalent to removing 506,772 vehicles from the road. If you were to line those vehicles up end to end they would stretch from Boston to Miami.
  • Saves city residents a cool $3.5 million annually in energy costs by shading our workplaces, roads, churches, sidewalks, school, parks, and homes.
  • Encourages positive mental health and well being of all residents.

While those 2 million trees are busy, they need all the help they can get. Donate today. You’ll be doing your part in keeping DC green, healthy and a better place to live for all Washingtonians for decades to come!

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