July 22, 2019 /
Jona Elwell

Photos Galore! Take a walk with us down memory lane, aka our updated Flickr Account

Summertime at Casey Trees: we don’t plant, and while we’re still planning for a rapidly approaching fall season things are certainly not as hectic as they are when we’re planting thousands of trees. While we had a moment to breathe, we also had a moment to update our Flickr page, which hosts photos from practically every Community Tree Planting (CTP) and numerous other events. Need something to entice your friends to join at our next planting? Want to woo potential suitors with an awesome action shot? Want to show your love of our planet, and city, with a sweet location shot? Boy oh boy do we have you covered – here’s a small sample:

Inspired to get involved? Want more action shots? Get involved at – there’s something for everyone.