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#WeAllPlayAPart in Changing Our Planet’s Future

To mark this momentous Earth Week, we’re running a campaign called #WeAllPlayAPart from Earth Day, April 22, to Arbor Day, April 26. Donate directly here or start your own fundraiser – when you raise at least $100 we will send you a custom “We All Play A Part” shirt so you can continue to rock our collective mission, day in and day out.

You (hopefully) know that the theme for our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Canopy Awards, is #RootstoRivers. While we love to celebrate and shower our city’s trees and tree heroes with love this year is different. More than just raising funds for our projects we want to highlight how we are all interconnected. As residents of D.C., we’re directly impacted, invested, and involved in its future. Sustainable, resilient cities are built on the mutually beneficial relationship between rivers, trees, and people. Roots to Rivers is our chance to amplify and accelerate our collective efforts. (Do you have your ticket for this week’s bash?)

You (also hopefully) know this week is a big one – it’s Earth Day and Arbor Day! Folks around the world will get together to support for environmental protection and restoration (trees! rivers! Mountains! parks! oceans!) and give back to our planet.

Talk about a great opportunity for amplifying and accelerating our collective efforts. From volunteering to advocating and donating – we can’t do what we do without people like you. Everything we’ve accomplished is because of the volunteers, members and friends like you helping us every step of the way. And we know beyond planting trees, people are working toward a more sustainable, healthier and greener D.C. every day.

The #WeAllPlayAPart campaign, from Earth Day, April 22, to Arbor Day, April 26, highlights just this. We want to hear from you, and use this exciting time to commemorate, celebrate and amplify the work you are doing. Together, we know we can tackle tough environmental and urban challenges – from climate issues across the globe to the ever-shrinking plantable space and growing impervious surface cover in D.C. We are a network of people that are committed to the mission to restore, enhance and protect this land.

We want to turn your passion into action. Because it takes all of us to make a difference. 

Join us April 22 – 26 in our mission to crowdfund $10,000. Together, we can change the future. Check out how we play a part:

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