March 18, 2019 /
Jona Elwell

Merch Madness

March Madness starts tomorrow, and while we’re always here for a spring distraction we wanted to put a unique Casey Trees spin on this iconic event. So, ladies and gentlemen, who will win your bracket?

Baseball Cap vs. Beanie
One protects your ears from chills and one protects your face from the sun – seems like an unfair fight! Both proudly sport our take on the D.C. flag and display your commitment to the District and its trees.

Canvas Tote vs. Gym Bag
While one sports a cheeky call to action, one puts our canopy progress out there. Both help you carry anything and everything you need from one place to another – maybe even a Casey Trees volunteer event?

Handmade Mug vs. Water Bottle/Thermos
Our hot/cold water bottle keeps your beverage at the temperature you desire, but was it lovingly handmade by a local artisan??

D.C. Flag Tee vs. REP Tee
This is honestly like choosing a favorite child. Soft tees with eye-catching, charitable designs?! How could you possibly pick?

I Tree D.C. vs. I Dig Trees
The o.g. tees in our arsenal are like a fine wine, they get better with age. We can’t think of an easier way to profess your love of contributing to your urban canopy.

Native Species Poster vs. Tree Species Guide
A relatively easy match up – how technical do you want to get? If leaves and names are all you need, we’ve got a poster for you. If you’d rather have historical info, potential mix-ups or detailed identification tips, our tree species guide is all yours.