March 11, 2019 /
Jona Elwell

Get Involved with Casey Trees Without Getting Dirty

For the people person that loves Casey Trees and environmental stewardship: Join the Casey Trees team as we restore, enhance, and protect the tree canopy of our nation’s capital. We’re looking for a part-time Volunteer Engagement Assistant to help us as we put together volunteer events and educational opportunities. We’ll be sure to introduce you to our whole family of volunteers, partners, members, and friends at the Sixth Annual Canopy Awards.

For that friend with an uncanny ability to post insightful, educational, and scathing Twitter threads about local politics: Introduce them to Small Cells – another thing to get fired up about! Y’all can submit public comments urging DDOT to not sacrifice future trees for extended 5G coverage. As your date to the Sixth Annual Canopy Awards, our Arbor Day Eve Bash, you can mingle with the city’s tree heroes, check out the development progress at Union Market, and discuss the need to prioritize greenspace and mobility.

For the lifetime learner: At our Intro to Tree ID class you’ll learn to pick out the sprouting buds and leaves to the beautiful flowers we love so much. You can even practice your newfound skills with our Tree Species Guide – a collection of over 70 species found in the Washington metro area. Learn more about Conservation Easements and the future frontier of D.C.’s tree canopy at the Sixth Annual Canopy Awards.

For the well-intentioned ones: D.C. is the land of hustle and we all know that one friend that is impossible to pin down (it might be you!). Luckily, you can still support our work in the throws of your busy schedule (or from the comfort of your home) by becoming a sustaining Evergreen Member. What’s certain to nail them down? An open bar, silent auction, and roaring good time at the Sixth Annual Canopy Awards. Plus April 25 is far enough in advance.

For those willing to travel for a decent happy hour: You cannot beat the endless deliciousness, free Shake Shack, and open bar at the Canopy Awards. Save on your ticket with Early Bird Pricing until March 25! Plus, you know your money has gone to a great cause – all funds raised go toward our mission of restoring, enhancing, and protecting our tree canopy.

For the November Project addicts: Work those shoulders and back muscles at one of our tree plantings. Hauling a 200 pounds balled and burlapped tree, shoveling dirt, and pick-axing soil will provide a workout you’ve probably never done before – all for free, too. Then, celebrate your hard work at the Sixth Annual Canopy Awards.