January 7, 2019 /
Jona Elwell

Our Latest and Greatest Publication: the Species Guide!

Whether you’re looking to become an outdoor enthusiast this year or already have an established interest in trees – chances are you want to get your hands on our latest publication – The Casey Trees Species Guide!

Used at our Park Inventories, this practical guide details more than 70 tree species, from those found along our streets to those deep in Rock Creek Park. We’ve removed most of the barriers found in other field guides and designed a guide for all ages – from toddlers to those with walkers. It skips all the technical tree vocabulary, dichotomous key and endless flipping through pages by identifying trees using a simple picture leaf guide (did we also mention a fruit/seed guide page as well!).

This was lovingly created by the Science and Policy Department. Research Associate Sophie Earll, who has spent many summers biking around the city inventorying trees. She used her knowledge and practicality to create a guide applicable to the variety of outdoor spaces, refining the species seen across the capital. Her favorite part about the guide? “I tried to weave in the history tied to many of the trees through fun facts found in the notes section of different species”. These tidbits, like the fact that the Tulip Tree “was a favorite of Native Americans and early settlers tree for its light, buoyant trunk for canoes, help paint of picture of these trees through history, imprinting them rather than rote memorization. Although the “‘Confused with section” (at bottom of most pages) is a close second.” Soon you’ll find yourself recognizing trees left and right!

Originally designed for Team Leads, Interns, and volunteers taking on a bigger role in our programs, over time, it became apparent that folks want to identify trees in the spaces around them – yards, alleyways, schools. So we decided to give the people what they want. We made it available to a bigger demographic in the hopes that we’ll empower people to learn about the environment around them. All proceeds raised by this guide will go back towards our Park Inventory program, as we continue to work with volunteers to catalog trees that have never before quantified before across D.C parklands. Looking to get your hands on one today? Visit our online store!