Blog Post By Jona Elwell

National Parks Service 2018 Award for Group Volunteer Service

While the number one most satisfying thing to us is a lush canopy for all District residents to enjoy, winning the Group Volunteer Award from a critically important federal partner ranks up there!

On hand to accept the award from James Pierce, Volunteer Coordinator for the National Mall and Memorial Parks, was Jessica Sanders, our Director of Science and Policy, Sophie Earll, Chelsea MacCormack, and volunteers Amy Van Allen and Adam Gorod.

We’ve worked with NPS on the National Mall in a number of ways, most notably as part of our Park Inventories. Our amazing volunteers have spent 207 hours over five projects cataloging the species and health of trees all along “America’s Backyard” from the Mall, Tidal Basin, along the Constitution Gardens and beyond.

When asked about winning the award from NPS, Jessica Sanders noted, “It is always amazing to get recognized for Casey Trees work, but I am grateful every day that we have such amazing volunteers who come out to events no matter the weather or location. Measuring trees on the Mall as part of the inventory program in the evening, I have seen some of the best sunsets. It is great to have NPS as a partner and we can’t wait to continue our partnership next year!”

Ultimately, Science & Policy team member Sophie Earll summed it up nicely, “We were humbled to be among many other organizations who painted, planted and removed invasives on the Mall. Being among them is a reminder of giving back and being of service for a greater good, and we share this award with those who committed their time.”

Thank you to NPS and to all our volunteers who have helped us plant, inventory, advocate and support the trees on not only the Mall, but also the myriad of NPS sites we plant on!

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