Blog Post By Jona Elwell

End of Summer Bucket List

The sun is beginning to set on summer, but officially, there are still three weeks left before thoughts turn to leaf watching (and we’re excited for that too!). Here are so ways to maximize the remains of your summer.

Read a Book (or finish that one you opened on the beach)
Ah, those carefree weekends under an umbrella or tucked away on a porch devouring a book. Those don’t have to be lost forever! Carve an afternoon (or rainy or humid evening) and curl up with a good book. We have some pretty great tree books and books with trees if you need an idea. Went to the library and picked up a few too many books? Bring em all home in our stylish tote bags with an outline of the city’s canopy.

Play Tourist for a Day
D.C. is a terrific place to be. Now that (most) of the tourists are back in school, take advantage of fewer buses and hoards of schoolchildren and enjoy the most of our city! Visit that Smithsonian you’ve been promising to see, finally check out Barack and Michelle’s portrait, or see what zany exhibit the National Museum has concocted. Be sure to look at the map of trees you’ll see along the way and pick up a shady Casey Trees sun hat to keep the sunburn at bay.

Plan a Roadtrip
While 95 leads to a lot of cool places, the scenery leaves something to be desired. Our Community Tree Planting at the Casey Tree Farm is a perfect excuse to scheme with friends to roadtrip out to our farm in scenic rural Virginia… yes, it is also wine country.

Go for a Hike
Whether its a quick jaunt to Billy Goat or you brave the crowds and scrambles at Old Rag, just get outside and get moving! Spending a half hour in nature has numerous mental and physical health benefits. Don’t miss out. Remember your H20 though. Our insulated water bottle will keep your water cold until you’ve reached the summit.

Enjoy a Final Glass of Rooftop Rosé and Marvel at D.C.
Thanks to height restrictions on buildings in the city, no matter what roof you’re on, chances are you can see something pretty spectacular (some large, mature canopy trees shading sidewalks perhaps?). Rep your D.C. pride with our take on the famous D.C. flag before breezy, beautiful roofs are enclosed in plastic and jammed with space heaters.

Although thankfully (maybe) in D.C. warmer temps stick around until Halloween so there is plenty of time to soak up the sun and fun!

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