December 11, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

Volunteer Spotlight: Astrid Joehnk

Between our tree rebate program, pruning corps, to our membership program, it’s safe to say that Astrid Joehnk has seen most of the Casey Trees World. We were able to sit down and chat with the superstar volunteer to hear from her. She summed up our mission and goals best, “Trees make our lives so much better.” Help us make lives across D.C. better!

Ultimately, the trees you help plant in the ground grow and become strong tenants of neighborhoods and parks. And it’s important to know that when you give back to Casey Trees, you’re a part of something bigger. Astrid nailed it by saying, “I help provide the tree with life and for the trees I plant, I hopefully won’t know the end of it. They live longer than I do. And that’s why I do this. For the longevity. You don’t plant trees for quick turnaround.”

With the help of people like you and Astrid we can make D.C. leafier, greener, and healthier – for the long run.

Donate today. Every bit makes a difference.