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Meet the New Faces of the Communications & Development Department

In addition to a busy fall at Casey Trees, we’re excited to announce some updates from the Communications & Development department. We have three (!) new peeps – a Development Associate, a Communications and Marketing Associate, and a Development Intern. Find out more on Evan, Abby, and George below (who do you think had the screenname treehugger216?) and be sure to say hi if you see them at one of our events.

Evan, a recent transplant to D.C., is our newest Development Associate and is the king of our membership program, the mastermind behind the Silent Auction at the Canopy Awards, and the purveyor of our sweet online store.

Casey Trees (CT): Who is Evan?
Evan Kieber (EK): I’m native of York, Pennsylvania and a 2013 graduate of Penn State with a degree in Geography. I enjoy going on semi-planned solo road trips to breweries and national parks in a constant quest for unique beers and fun hikes. My other hobbies include staring at maps, eating food, and obsessing over fantasy football.

CT: How did you get interested in the development field?
EK: After college I moved to Moab, Utah for an AmeriCorps VISTA position with an outdoor education nonprofit. My position was development focused but I was initially drawn to the position because of the organization’s mission to connect people with the outdoors and the opportunity to live in a beautiful place. But working there I learned how interesting and fulfilling nonprofit development could be and have worked in it ever since.

CT: If you were a sandwich what kind would you be?
EK: A Dagwood Sandwich, because it’s tall and multi-layered, and it’s flexible in that it doesn’t have strict ingredient requirements.

CT: We’re predictable – do you have a favorite tree?
EK: My favorite tree is the Cottonwood. When I lived in the deserts of Utah, cottonwoods were the only large trees that could survive the arid climate. I was always impressed by the resilience of such a large tree to survive in this environment. You could always find water (or a place that sometimes had water) in the desert by finding a cottonwood, and they made great shade trees for sitting under with a good book.


Formerly a member of the Design & Advocacy department, Abby Holcombe joins us with her graphic design skills.

Casey Trees (CT): Welcome (officially) aboard! So tell us – who is Abby Holcombe?
Abby Holcombe (AH): I’m a recent college graduate from Virginia and fresh to D.C.! I’ve always been a tree hugger (back in the day, my AIM screenname was treehugger216), so it seems very fitting that I’ve ended up here.

CT: How did you originally get involved with Casey Trees?
AH: As a senior in college, I was on the search for post-grad plans that would marry my passion for environmentalism and interest in urban design. Luckily, I stumbled upon Casey Trees and had the opportunity to work as the Design and Advocacy intern in the months following my graduation.

CT: Most memorable intern experience?
AH: I helped in creating a map of all of D.C.’s neighborhoods’ tree canopy percentages. (Look for it at some of our outreach events in the future!) It was a really cool way to get acquainted with my new city.

CT: What are you looking forward to doing at Casey Trees as our new Communications & Marketing Associate?
AH: I’m really looking forward to introducing Casey Trees to Washingtonians who haven’t engaged/volunteered with us before! Bonding over trees is always great.


A student at American University, George will be helping our Development team.

Casey Trees (CT): Welcome to Casey Trees! Tell us, who is George?
George Marschall (GM):  I’m just a kid who grew up on Long Island, grateful to have made my way to such a green city. I am currently a senior at American University and study International Relations with a focus on International Environmental Policy and Development. In my free time I’m likely discovering new music, going on a  nature walk or playing a board game. Follow me on Spotify!

CT: What drew you to Casey Trees?
GM: I’ve known about Casey Trees ever since I was a Freshman. I’ve always considered applying for a position and this semester everything just fell into place!

CT: Favorite D.C. weekend spot?
GM: I’d highly recommend the nature walk from Battery Kemble Park to Fletcher’s Cove

CT: We’re predictable – do you have a favorite tree?
GM: My favorite tree is without a doubt the Aspen. Aspens are super cool. They are all connected through a root system and while individual trees live between 40-150 years the root system can live for thousands of years. The trees are pretty thin and unassuming but that’s because you would never know what’s going on underground.


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