Blog Post By Trent Burns

Take Action This Fall

There’s a lot to be excited for as we head into autumn: beautiful fall foliage, humane temperatures in the District, and pumpkin-spiced everything (if that’s your thing). We’re also gearing up for a busy volunteering season, which means there are more ways than ever to help us restore, enhance, and protect our city’s trees.

Whether you’re a planting pro or first-time volunteer, our Fall Community Tree Plantings are a great way to get outside and make a difference you can see.

Not so keen on the great outdoors? You can still help us advocate for trees all across D.C. – no dirt necessary. From Trees 101 to Stand Up for Trees, check out our workshops to learn why trees matter (cleaner air and water, anyone?) and how your public comments can influence development decisions throughout the city.

Looking for something a little closer to home? Check out our Tree Rebates to see how a new tree in your yard could earn you up to $100 back. Or let us plant one for you through the RiverSmart Homes program – we’ll even help you choose the best tree for your surrounding ecosystem!
Check out our quick-start guide and visit to see how you can get involved this fall.

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