September 5, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

Farewell to Logan Knowles, our Talented Development Associate

A veteran of multiple Casey Trees’ departments (she started on our Technical Services & Research team!), Logan Knowles is heading off on another adventure. We were lucky to have her grow our membership base and knock our Canopy Awards silent auction out of the park. As we say see you later to Logan (second from left in the photo above), we asked her a few questions about her time here. Interested in our development program? Think you would be a great fit? Check out the position description here.

Casey Trees (CT): What has surprised you most working at Casey Trees?
Logan Knowles (LK): I quickly learned that tree people really are the best people.

CT: Where (or what) will you be moving on to?
LK: I will be joining the development team at Outdoor Alliance, an organization that works to unite the voices of outdoor enthusiasts to conserve public lands and ensure those lands are managed in a way that embraces the human-powered experience.

CT: What has been your biggest, best, or favorite achievement during your time at Casey Trees?
LK: Tree dedications have been a great part of my time here. It’s very fulfilling – people have the opportunity to plant trees in honor of those that they love and watch these trees grow throughout their lifetimes. The opportunity to be a part of that meaningful experience has been a humbling one.

CT: Do you have any advice for future development associates?
LK: Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. This is a hands on organization – our dedication to trees is quite literal.

CT: If you could only bring one album to listen to on a desert island, what would it be?
LK: I don’t need a whole album, just a song – “Come Sail Away”. I don’t do well in direct sunlight.

CT: If you were a sandwich, what kind would you be?
LK: I would be a chicken souvlaki (on pita) from Dave’s Taverna in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Any sandwich of the ‘breakfast’ variety is a close second.

CT: Last but not least, favorite tree?
LK: Same as on my first day – it has to be the Tuliptree! Although unlike my first day, I now know that it is technically ‘Tuliptree’ and not ‘Tulip poplar’…thanks to Casey Trees.