Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Our Survival Study Team is Finding a Whole Lot More than They Expected

As you may know, our survival study team is traversing the city checking in on trees we’ve planted. While they focus mostly on trees in residential and community spaces, every once and while they come across something surprising.

What did our survival study team find where Interstate 395 ends? No, not just lots of traffic – the green oasis that is The Farm at Walker Jones Elementary School. We were lucky to help them add persimmon trees to their land in 2011.:


A panorama of the Farm at Walker Jones today, with persimmon trees we planted in the center.

And the next location of the ‘secret’ garden? It’s in the name! Tucked behind blocks of endless row houses on Capitol Hill, you’ll find the largest community garden is Ward 6. The SEED Garden is between Seventeenth Street SE, Eighteenth Street SE, E Street SE and D Street SE (SEED) and we helped add apple trees to their garden.


A panorama of the Green SEED garden today, with apple trees we helped plant.

We all know D.C. is full of surprises, but in the middle of a hustling and bustling city it is always simultaneously odd and wonderful to see so much green in such random places. Know of a neighborhood oasis that could use some trees? Submit a Community Tree Planting application today! Want to turn your yard into an oasis with a shade tree? Check out our Residential Planting program – you could plant a tree for a little as $50.

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