Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Remembering Walker Williams

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Walker Williams passed away on Friday, April 7. One of Casey Trees’ longest-serving and dedicated Board Members (2004 – 2016), Walker was a friend, mentor, and supporter to the entire Casey Trees family. Mark Buscaino, Casey Trees’ Executive Director noted: “Walker has been there throughout my 10 years at Casey Trees. He always had a kind word of support, and his advice and wisdom continues to guide me through challenging times. I will miss him.”

Williams was around for many Casey Trees accomplishments — the creation of the Community Tree Planting and High School Summer Crew programs, the first nursery planting at Casey Tree Farm in Berryville, V.A., and the construction of Casey Trees’ Brookland offices — but his commitment shone through the way he talked about the work Casey Trees does with young people.

Walker garnered an appreciation for trees while in elementary school in his hometown of East Orange, N.J., where his class participated in a commemorative tree planting ceremony. He often shared that every time he returned to East Orange he drove by the tree he helped plant as a child, and that it still stood in the schoolyard, a reminder of how trees are gifts that last for generations.

If you wish to extend your condolences to his wife and children, or would like to share your own personal story about Walker, please do so here.


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