Blog Post By Italia Peretti

Tree Planting Workshop

Do you want to play a greater role in re-treeing D.C.? Well — here are TWO ways for you to do just that!

This March Casey Trees will hold our bi-annual Tree Planting Workshop. Traditionally, this class is aimed at teaching the ropes to future Citizen Forester Team Leaders about tree planting. This spring, we will offer two tracks:

  • The first track is a residential tree planting workshop for people who want to learn how to properly plant and care for a tree in their own yards.
  • The second track is a workshop for people who want to become a Citizen Forester Team Leader, equipping you with skills needed to lead others in planting trees at future events.

The foundation for a tree’s health and longevity is established the day it is planted. You will learn how to prepare a tree planting site and properly plant the tree to ensure its survival as well as techniques critical to maintaining tree health including mulching and watering.

After the classroom session we will break into groups and practice new skills as we plant trees and add species diversity to American University’s arboretum.

If interested, don’t delay as these workshops fill up fast. Sign up here!

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