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Help Out the Honeybees

In response to a global decline in honey bees and other pollinators, the District Department of Energy & Environment is developing a Pollinator Protection Plan to improve the habitat for bees, butterflies and birds. These insects and animals are greatly benefited by flowering trees – particularly in early spring when other food sources are scarce. Below is a table of recommended urban-hearty native and naturalized trees that will support a wide range of pollinators.

All of these trees are eligible for a rebate of up to $100. Simply plant one and send us the receipt. If you’d prefer that we do the planting and selection, apply for our RiverSmart Homes program and we will plant a tree on your property for only a $50 copay.

While temperatures are dropping and you might be inclined to curl up inside with a good book, now is actually a great time to plant a tree. Fall rains and cooler temperatures help trees establish a strong root system for the next spring when the plant begins to grow.

This Giving Tuesday, help support our tree planting and advocacy programs — Bees, birds, butterflies, bats and other pollinators will thank you, and you’ll be playing a critical role in maintaining our diverse ecosystem.

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