Blog Post By Meghan Adams

Shade In The City

We are truly starting to feel those lazy, hazey days of summer here in the District…you know when you find yourself crossing to the shady side of the street on the way to work. So to help keep you cool all summer long—these trees are your survival guide for the swampy heat of D.C.

American Elm
The rows of elms which have flanked the National Mall since 1935 are iconic to the District, and provide a wide spreading canopy and a thick trunk which is optimal for resting up against to read a book or marveling at the monuments.

Oak (Scarlet, Swamp White, Water, Willow)
If you like to share your shady space with some local critters, Oak trees are the place to be. The broad braches provide immense protection from the sticky D.C. summers.

London Plane
Commonly found as street trees around D.C., these highly adaptable relatives of the American Sycamore can grow up to 100ft tall, providing a large reaching canopy.

Very often, this tree divides into two or more trunks near the ground and its massive branches cover a large amount of area with cool shade.

If you would like to enjoy any of these trees in your own yard, check out our Tree Rebate and RiverSmart Homes programs.

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