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Únete a Casey Trees para explorar los árboles!

Join  Casey Trees and Latino Outdoors for a bilingual tour of the tree species that make up the tree canopy of Rock Creek Park. For the first time this tour will be given in both English and Spanish!  On Sunday, June 25, We will start with a short indoor presentation at the Nature Center then head out to explore the park.

The tour will highlight the benefits of trees and the importance of the tree canopy in a city like D.C. Some of the tree species that we will identify include the Northern Red Oak (el Roble Rojo Norteño), Chestnut Oak (el Roble Castaño), American Beech (el Haya Americano) and Tuliptree (el árbol de tulipán).

Who should attend?

Everyone of course! The tour will be given in English and Spanish and open to the general public for anyone interested in learning about the city’s natural forests, native tree species and the importance of the urban tree canopy. You can also practice your Spanish skills!

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