Blog Post By Jason Galliger

Grow Your Urban Forest

Calling all homeowners, community members, or school staff.

Do you want to increase the number of trees in your school or neighborhood?

Do you want to be hailed as a local hero who in 50 years can look back at the semi-mature tree canopy around you and feel proud?

If so, then submit an application for our community or school tree planting program.

The application process is the start of our Casey Trees tree planting cycle. Many of the amazing plantings our volunteers enjoy start as these applications.

So if you are part of a community organization, school teacher, or just someone who wants to see more trees on their block — we want to hear from you!

Take part in helping to grow your urban forest. All applications are due by May 1 to be considered for Fall 2016 or Spring 2017.

Apply for a community tree planting

Apply for a school tree planting

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