March 14, 2016 /
Italia Peretti

Casey Trees’ Newest Staff Member

Say hello to our new Community Education Coordinator Laura Basset! Laura will soon become a familiar face because she will curating all our continuing education offerings and making sure they run smoothly onsite.

Meet Laura:

Casey Trees (CT): Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? What did you do prior to your new position?
Laura Basset (LB):
I have been in the D.C. area since middle school but I was born in Iowa and lived in Harare, Zimbabwe for four years during elementary school. For the last few years I have been working in landscape design and installation with D.C. area residents and communities.

CT: What brought you to Casey Trees?
LB: I participated in the Tree Measurement Study last summer and loved it! I think it is really awesome that I get to plant and care for our trees by working alongside our talented and amazing D.C. community. This really is my dream job!

CT: What’s your favorite D.C. weekend spot?
LB: This is a tough one because our city is full of so many wonderful places to visit. Rock Creek Park? Billy Goat Trail? Arboretum? Okay, okay, I’ll pick one – Rock Creek Park. I love that such a significant green corridor is protected in D.C. There are so many different areas to explore.

CT: We have to ask — what is your favorite tree and why?
One of my favorite trees is the willow oak or Quercus phellos. Willow oaks make up the majority of the urban forest in my neighborhood. They are beautiful shade canopy trees that have an important role in the forest.

Willow oaks are prolific producers of acorns so my neighborhood is full of squirrels, birds and other forest critters. They are also sun and shade lovers, grows relatively quickly, have a beautiful leaf color and full crown.

CT: What are you looking forward to most here?
LB: Meeting all of our volunteers and class participants! I can’t wait to get to know the Casey Trees community over the next few months. I am thrilled to have come on board at such an exciting time of the year — spring!