February 1, 2016 /
Italia Peretti

Staff Profile: Lauren Meyer

Remember Lauren Meyer, our goldfish loving TreeWise Counselor? Well we are happy to report that she has been promoted from intern to Youth Programs Coordinator!

We followed up with Lauren and asked her about what’s new.

Casey Trees (CT): Congratulations on your new position! What have you been up to since we last checked in? How’s life?

Lauren Meyer (LM): Life’s been fantastic! Currently I’m working on finalizing logistics for the Spring School Planting Season. I’m also starting to gear up for the TreeWise Summer Youth Program. It’s weird thinking about the summer when there’s still snow on the ground, but June will be here before we know it!

CT: You’ll be in charge of TreeWise this summer, what can we expect? Any new changes?

LM: You can expect lots of energy and fun (and heat)! As for changes…Some things are in the works right now but we are still in the process of meeting with partners. So stay tuned!

CT: What has surprised you most working at Casey Trees so far?

LM: Working as an intern, I wasn’t completely exposed to all the planning and logistics that go into our programs. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone has fun!

CT: What is your favorite weekend spot in D.C.?

LM: My favorite weekend spot in D.C.…There is so much to choose from! I’m usually in Adams Morgan so I’ll hang out at Meridian Hill Park when I can. It was especially awesome during the blizzard! I also frequent the museums and sculpture gardens on the National Mall.

CT: If you were the host of your own TV show and could invite any guest dead or alive who would it be? Why?

LM: I suppose this would depend on what kind of TV show I was hosting. If it were a talk show, I would invite Salvador Dali. He is one of my absolute favorite painters. I would love to pick his brain because I am sure there are a lot of crazy/interesting ideas that are still locked away in there. I would also love love love to take painting lessons from him. The musical guest would be The Tallest Man On Earth. Check him out if you haven’t heard of him!