November 23, 2015 /
Italia Peretti

Donor Spotlight: Joanna London

Joanna London has been a dedicated Member at the Protector Level since 2013 and volunteer since 2012. You can find Joanna at all types of events from plantings to tree inventories to tree tours and classes — she is a true Casey Trees veteran!

We talked to her about how she started to get involved, Membership and what she’s looking forward to in 2016!

Casey Trees: What attracted you most to Casey Trees?

Joanna London: I first learned about Casey Trees when the Ethical Society cut down a big tree and they didn’t want to pay into the Tree Fund so they asked members if they would be willing to plant trees along with Casey Trees. Next, I planted a tree in memory on my mother at the McLean Gardens and it was then I realized that it was a good way to get outside and do something useful and I love tree — so it was a series of things. I started to attend some classes and I learned the District was working to increase the tree canopy to 40% and thought it was wonderful.

I’m also always interested in Tree IDing!

CT: In your opinion, what is the most important work that Casey Trees does?

JL: Planting trees and educating the public about trees.

CT: What motivates you to donate to Casey Trees?

JL: Casey is such a wonderful organization I would love to see it grow! I can’t see any down side — and they serve wonderful food at workshops.

CT: What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating to Casey Trees?

JL: Casey Trees is an extremely worth wild organization that’s doing a lot of good in the area and each time I sign up I always invite friends and they often even join after!

CT: What do you look forward to most with your Membership?

JL: Planting trees and tree inventories. I love IDing trees and the machinery used for measuring canopy height and width. I also get kudos for my hand writing. Apparently my handwriting is great for tree inventories.

I also was very gratified when Casey Trees offered to let me plant a tree in honor of somebody. I choose two former leaders of the Washington Ethical Society, a couple who really inspired me. We got to plant a couple of weeks ago and they came to the end of the planting and it was wonderful!

Also I love the Tree Tours at Rock Creek Park with Melanie Choukas-Bradley, I went to all four this year — fall, winter, spring and summer!

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