October 5, 2015 /
Jason Galliger

Say hi to our newest staff members!

Like the leaves in autumn change — so do the people who work to further Casey Trees’ mission. We have some new (and old) faces that have recently joined the Casey Trees staff.

Remember Italia Peretti? She has been promoted from an intern to our new Communications and Marketing Associate!

We asked Italia a few questions about her new role:

How does it feel to be the new Communications and Marketing Associate?

It’s incredibly exciting, I’m thrilled for what’s to come!

What are you most excited for with this position?

I am most excited about continuing to work with very talented people to further the Casey Trees mission!

You’ll be taking over the Leaflet in a week. What can readers expect from your new perspective?

I would expect more visual elements as well as personal stories of Casey Trees programs from the volunteer or member perspective. Everyone contributing to this organization does it with such passion and enthusiasm—it’s contagious!

Next up is our new Digital Production intern, Sean Mercado.

Sean will be helping us film our school and community tree plantings this season and develop some other video projects. Look out for him during plantings and come say hi!

We asked Sean to explain more about himself and his film-making idols.

Who is Sean Mercado?

I am a recent graduate of George Mason University with a BA in Film and Video Studies. My hobbies include watching films (you don’t say?), producing music, reading and writing. I’ve directed several short films. My most recent short, Leroy’s Lobster Shack, will be playing at Washington West Film Festival on October 24th and Virginia Film Fest.

What drew you to Casey Trees?

I had found Casey Trees by chance while searching for video related work in the DMV area. What drew me to it was the opportunity to be involved in documentary filmmaking and to be part of a good cause.

Why did you get into film? Who’s your favorite film maker?

I see films as the closest way to visualizing thoughts, imagination and perspectives. There is something gratifying (at least in narrative filmmaking) about working with people who want to create your vision. As a young kid, I was fond of the animated works of Hayao Miyazaki because it was quite literally his imagination (and skills as an illustrator) coming to life. Today, as I’ve become more aware of the filmmaking process, I can further appreciate the effort that filmmakers put into their images and stories.

My favorite filmmaker is Terry Gilliam. While he doesn’t have a flawless filmography, he has an incredibly unique vision and sharp wit.

What are you most excited about with this position?

 I’m most excited about weaving together a story with the upcoming tree plantings!

Do you have a favorite tree/ if so why?

This is a tough one. I love the intimidating, haunting quality of the Willow tree. However, I also like the color and delicacy of the Cherry Blossom. Definitely hard to decide.

If you could create any film what would it be about and who would star in it?

I would make a movie about a talking tree who befriends shrubberies and it would be voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hitchcock, Kubrick or Coppola?

A tie between Hitchcock and Kubrick. I feel like Hitchcock is responsible for the foundations of suspense in cinema. At the same time, Kubrick’s visual innovations are also absolutely incredible.