September 21, 2015 /
Jason Galliger

Gift a tree this fall

For the Virgos and Libras in your life, there might be no better birthday gift than a tree planted in their honor. But you don’t need a horoscope to celebrate special events or honor a loved one, dedicating a tree is simple and easy. And if you choose to dedicate a tree this season, you’ll have your choice of incredible planting sites across the District.

Available sites for Tree Dedications and Tree Sponsorships this fall include:

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, October 31
On Halloween morning, Casey Trees will be planting almost 50 trees at this historic cemetery.

Dumbarton Oaks Park, November 7
Casey Trees will be planting 35 smaller seedling trees in this beautiful  Georgetown park.

Rock Creek Park, November 14
In commemoration of Rock Creek Park’s 125th anniversary, this planting will add 100 small and large trees to the picnic area near Peirce Mill.

Benning Park Recreation Center, December 5
On the border between Maryland and D.C., this 37-tree planting will improve the canopy coverage of the recreation center’s surrounding green spaces.

Learn more about Tree Sponsorship and Tree Dedication opportunities or contact Amy Kasper for more information.