Blog Post By Casey Manning

Summer Crew wraps up another stellar season

This summer, five high school students donned safety yellow, hopped on bikes, and set out across the District on a bold mission: to ensure that thousands of newly planted trees in hard to reach places get the water they need to survive the season.

The Summer Crew, made up each year of local high school students with a vested interest gaining job skills and making their city a greener place, weeded and watered an average of 128 trees per day. Over the summer, the five Summer Crew students along with five Casey Trees Crew Members weeded and/or watered 3,095 trees and those trees received a total of 61,900 gallons of water.

Urban Forestry Manager Neil Irvin summed up the goal of the Summer Crew program simply: “Leave no tree untouched.”

Funding for the Summer Crew is provided by the Share Fund and the City Fund.

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