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Introducing Vince Drader

While you won’t see Vince Drader at every Community Tree Planting, his work behind the scenes as our new CRM Administrator is integral not only to getting trees into the ground, but to almost every aspect of Casey Trees’ work. Find out more about this data head with a surprising weekend side gig below:

Casey Trees: Three words your friends would use to describe you:
Vince Drader: Positive, easygoing, and entertaining

CT: Three words your mom would use to describe you:
VD: Still my baby (even at 30)

CT: What got you interested in data? And what drew you to Casey Trees?
VD: Data is just so much fun.  Most of our data describes human behavior. It’s interesting to extract meaning from seemingly innocuous points of data to come up with some insight. And now that data is the world’s new, most abundant, unnatural resource, we are using it to determine how people will click, buy, sell…and how they will interact with trees! And I guess that’s what drew me to Casey Trees. Organizations who value their data are usually the ones trying to get you to buy, sell, or click something, and the result is ad revenue, media buys, or something that will end up in a landfill someday. But Casey Trees is managing, analyzing, and optimizing data systems in order to plant trees! So I am just excited to be doing the work I love for a great mission.

CT: Word on the street is you have a side gig. Fill us in:
VD: Yep. I am a drummer and singer for a local cover band called “Jeff from Accounting”. We play all around D.C. If you’re ever at a show and the band’s on break, I’d love to chat about drums, music, or trees!

CT: If your band could only play one song for the rest of time, what would it be?
VD: Definitely “All Night Long” by Lionel Ritchie. We don’t currently play that song, but I’d love to. And the song would be so literal – playing it all night long for the all of time.

CT: Song you couldn’t be paid $1,000,000 to perform:
VD: There is literally no song I wouldn’t play for a million dollars. But I get the sentiment. It’d be hard to play anything from Nickelback, Creed, or Bon Jovi (okay, maybe “Livin’ On A Prayer”)

CT: Any last words?
VD: Only because this is going public – I had a dream the other night of a drum set made out of spalted maple (responsibly sourced, of course!). Truly, this was a real dream. If anyone knows someone who could make this a reality, please get in touch.

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