Blog Post By Casey Manning

Deer, a threat to newly planted trees

Deer don’t just wreak havoc on your summer garden. They can also be detrimental to young, newly planted trees. Two deer behaviors in particular pose issues for young trees: deer browse, a year-round threat where hungry deer nibble on the fresh, tender new growth of young twigs of trees, and deer antler rub, which is a problem during the fall and winter months when bucks have antlers. Deer can quickly do substantial damage to young trees by rubbing off the thin bark, including the important vascular layer.

So what can you do to protect your vulnerable trees?

Casey Trees, along with the National Parks Service, has created a best management practice for our trees that includes create a circular hoop of metal gage 2” x 4” square galvanized wire fence, secured in place with one or two 6-foot length pieces of ½” steel rebar, threaded through the wire rungs of the fencing. In lieu of building an elaborate fencing system around your trees, trunk guards, available for purchase in our shop, can be a good place to start.

Give your newly planted trees their best chance at survival!

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