August 10, 2012 /
Sara Stacy, Urban Forestry Manager

Sara’s photo blog: Day 4 & 5!

STIHL Tour des Trees Update:

Sara’s submitted another photo-centric post for Tree Speak today – she’s been amazed by the enormity of the places she & Neil have been traveling through, and just couldn’t stop taking pictures! Follow their journey below!

#225/ Entering Mt. Hood National Forest
Day 4 was an epic day; 86 miles seemed small in comparison to the already two centuries completed this week, but we climbed 8224 feet in elevation on route to Government Base Camp. I was in the zone and had a great day riding. Much of the ride followed the twists and turns of the Clackamas River with stunning views of the evergreen hillsides of Douglas Fir and Mountain Hemlocks.

#274/ Out into the High Desert
Immersed in the cool, shady forest on Day 4, I wasn’t expecting riding on Day 5 to be like pedaling through a backdrop fit for a western. We made about a 3 mile decent out of the National Forest into an arid, flatland marked by Ponderosa Pine and Sage Brush. The Ponderosa pine has several fire adaptations including: self pruning, long needles, and thick corky bark that allows it to withstand damage from fire. Very cool forest ecology stuff that I want to learn more about.

#363/ The Babel Towering Climb to Rowena Scenic Overlook
This 2 mile climb took us up about 900 feet. It was so happy to get to the top; it really marked the achievement of the day. We only had 10 miles left for Day 5’s century ride. Since leaving Government Base Camp, I hadn’t seen Neil all day; he rides so fast!

#368/ The Columbia River
Nothing like a breath taking panoramic view. The Columbia River will be the main feature of the Day 6 ride. Though Day 5 was again very challenging, I really enjoyed transitioning from the National Forest into the different ecosystems; the change in scenery kept my mind off any aches and pains.

Sara will be wrapping up her blog coverage of the Tour des Trees next week with a final post, but Neil will be keeping us caught-up with the latest action on Twitter using the hashtag #CTdT12. Feel free to tweet back and send your support!

If you’d like to give one (or both) of them a gift to help them reach their fundraising goals, check out the rider profiles for both Sara and Neil.