Tree space design diagram


Tree Report Card

The Tree Report Card, now in its seventh year, is the only independent tree and tree canopy assessment of a major U.S. city. It measures the quantity and quality of Washington D.C.’s trees and tree canopy and public and private efforts to expand and sustain it. Each spring on Arbor Day we release a new report that provides data on our urban forest and helps to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved with helping to expand and sustain the District’s trees.

Read previous and current editions of the Tree Report Card.

Tree Space Design

Tree Space Design: Growing the Tree Out of the Box covers design recommendations to provide street trees with adequate soil volume while maintaining sufficient space for pedestrian circulation. The document includes a matrix of soil volume recommendations and root-friendly design methods intended for inclusion in design standards and use in individual projects, with the goal of yielding larger, healthier trees, and minimizing damage to paved surfaces.

Citizen Advocate Handbook

You can help our mission to protect trees with our Citizen Advocate Handbook, a tool to that empowers District citizens to reach out to D.C. officials and government, as well as designers, developers, and federal land managers. Learn how to stand up, get out, and fight for trees and take action with direct meetings with public officials, letter-writing campaigns, and lobby days.