A large pin oak in the fall

Urban Forest Preservation Act 2002

In 2003, the Council of the District of Columbia passed the landmark Urban Forest Preservation Act (UFPA) of 2002.

The Act established an urban forest preservation program for the District, set up a permitting process to remove Special Trees (trees 55 inches in circumference or larger) and established a Tree Fund to be used to plant replacement trees and defray costs associated with the implementation of the Act.

Ten years after the UFPA’s implementation, we know what works and what can be improved upon in its administration and enforcement. We are currently working with the Council on the Urban Forestry Administration Reorganization Act of 2011 to strengthen tree protection measures and grow the District’s tree canopy to 40 percent, recently reemphasized in Mayor Gray’s Sustainable D.C. Vision Statement.

Read the full text of the UFPA 2002 on DDOT’s website.