Street trees

Street Tree Information

Street trees – those located in public space between the street and sidewalk – are planted and maintained by the District’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA), a department of DDOT. Casey Trees focuses its tree planting efforts to add trees on private and public property not serviced by UFA’s team of dedicated arborists.

Requests for a street tree to be inspected, planted, pruned or removed can be made by calling the service request center at 311, online, or using the DC 311 smartphone application (Android or iPhone). Hold on to your confirmation number to track progress on your request. Planting requests received by June 1 are cued up for fall or spring planting date.

In the event that you must reach UFA urgently, call UFA’s main line at 202.671.5133.

Caring for Your Street Trees

If you do receive a new tree in front of your home or workplace, be sure to help care for it – as required by D.C. Municipal Regulation rule 21-702 – by ensuring it receives the recommended 25 gallons of water per week through its two year establishment period. Become a Canopy Keeper and the UFA will provide you with a slow-release watering device to make watering simpler and reduce wasteful runoff.

To know when to water your tree, follow our weekly watering recommendations issued every Monday, May through September on our homepage, Twitter, and on Facebook. You can also track rainfall totals to guide your watering efforts. If less than 1.5 inches of rain fall in a week, water your tree. Take our 25 to Stay Alive Watering Pledge and we will mail you a complimentary rain gauge to use at home.

Report Street Tree Issues