High School Summer Crew heading out to water.

Tree Care

City trees have a hard life. They endure drought, restricted growing space and poor growing conditions. Taking care of urban trees can do wonders for their health and the beauty of your block. We feel strongly about caring for the trees that we plant – especially those that have been in the ground less than two years.

Every individual and group that secures a tree through our programs commits to watering and caring for it throughout its establishment period. For trees that we have planted in previous years through our tree planting programs, we hire high school students to water, weed and mulch them.

Caring for trees at home or work is simple and requires only a small time commitment. Learn how.

Water By-Cycle

For four years, we have deployed our Water By-Cycle fleet to water trees in neighborhoods with limited street parking and heavy vehicular traffic during D.C.’s hot summer months.

Each team, led by a crew chief and supported by High School Summer Crew members, travels by street bikes to Casey Trees-planted tree locations across the District. The lead bike is attached to a custom 6 foot cargo trailer carrying hoses, safety cones and free tree care literature. Water is accessed from fire hydrants and transported to individual trees by hoses and 5-gallon buckets.