UVA NHB sketch.

Planning & Design

Our Planning & Design department works with government, designers and business and community groups to ensure that plans, policies and construction practices protect existing trees and forests and create spaces to sustain large, healthy trees.

Walking the Talk

The landscape and site planning for the Casey Trees Headquarters was designed as a teaching tool to demonstrate how large canopy trees can be incorporated into urban landscape areas to help decrease stormwater runoff, decrease the urban heat island effect, beautify the site, clean the air. The site’s physical elements help to provide a direct and functioning example of an urban in-fill site with successful Low Impact Development strategies such as bioretention areas, large canopy trees, and green roofs. Our department offers a guided tour, upon request, to visiting groups and as part of other educational workshops. The tour leads visitors through appropriate tree placement and stormwater retention strategies, vegetated roof systems, and water catchment techniques.

Sustainable Design Presentations

We offer urban design presentations to design firms, public agencies, organizations, universities, and community associations. These presentations address the challenges and best practices for sustaining a healthy urban tree canopy. We help to explain why large canopy trees provide the greatest amount of environmental benefits when applied with urban green infrastructure strategies.