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It’s a Mystree!

As you may know, we have a few tricks up our sleeves during the Canopy Awards.  In 2015, we created Camp Casey Trees, where guests got “campy under the canopy”. In 2016, we highlighted our efforts in D.C.’s parks by turning Dock5 — a warehouse — into a full on indoor park. Between croquet, photo booths, craft activities, and signature cocktails, we’ve been known to go all out when it comes to the theme.

So, what do we have in store this year at the Blind Whino? With a location full of intrigue and flair, you can bet we’ll pull out the stops this year. The picture is a hint, but that’s all we’ll give you. For now, anyways.

See you there!

A Fan of Cherry Blossoms but Not Crowds?

Ah, springtime in D.C. The humidity hasn’t set in yet, the rooftops of restaurants are opening up…and our impressive cherry blossoms arrive. Even the ever changing peak bloom date and looming threat of snow has not stopped the District in celebrating our iconic pink and white blooms. With the blossoms come the crowds, and lots of them – almost 1 million people flock to the Tidal Basin each year to view the flowering cherry trees.

What’s a Washingtonian to do? If you’re feeling festive and want to get outside to enjoy the warmer weather and beautiful trees, fear not! There are many ways to celebrate the cherry trees without setting foot on the National Mall.

Dying to see a cherry tree without being surrounded by people? See if there are any in your neighborhood with our handy cherry tree map of D.C.

Cherry blossoms aren’t your thing but still want to experience the beauty of blooming trees? Well have we got the thing for you – a map of all the flowering trees in the District. Give the colorful crapemyrtle, the fragrant liliac, or the unusual goldenraintree some love.

 When you’re done with your own personalized tree tour, you can continue the cherry blossomed themed fun with a variety of food and drink specials, including a cherry blossom pop-up bar, sake oyster shooters, or even a cherry pie-filled matcha cupcake! There is truly something for everyone this spring.

Opening Day

Even the cooler weather couldn’t stop us as we began the spring planting season at American University two weeks ago. For the second year, the workshop was split into concurrent classes, one for Team Leader candidates and one for homeowners. This allowed us to divide and conquer as we planted 31 trees at the center of campus along Nebraska Avenue.

The morning team leader session was designed for people who want to be Citizen Forester Team Leaders, and they spent the morning with games, a skit, and trivia to test their tree planting skills. All so they’re equipped to lead future Community Tree Planting events in their red vests. The morning residential planting session equipped any Tom, Dick, or Harry to plant and maintain trees in their yard.

It was a great start to the season, and we continued to plant at Dumbarton Oaks Park this past Saturday. Our volunteers braved the chilly temps once again to help continue to restore, reforest, and perform erosion control by planting 101 trees around the stream and hillside that was previously covered with invasive plants. This is the third round of reforestation that Casey Trees has completed in the Upper Stream Valley location: the first on was in April 2016, the second in November 2016.

The Tree Planting Workshop and the Dumbarton Oaks Community Tree Planting were a terrific way to open the 2017 planting season. We can’t wait to see more volunteers throughout the spring to help us reach our 40 percent canopy goal by 2032.

Get Your Name Out at the Canopy Awards

We are almost one month away from the Fourth Annual Canopy Awards!

This year our doors will open early at 6:00 p.m.! As guests arrive they will be greeted by our signature cocktail and can begin bidding on our silent auction. From sky-diving to a free night for two at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts during a run of The King and I — the silent auction is stacked! Aside from getting the first crack at bidding, the event preview will have an open bar, live music and more — we promise, this is one party you won’t want to be fashionably late for!

All proceeds, from ticket sales to silent auction bids, benefits Casey Trees. But did you know that you and your business can also play a major role at the event itself by donating to the silent auction?

Why should you consider making a donation to the silent auction?

  • Help raise funds. When donated items are bid and won at the event, additional funds are raised to help Casey Trees plant and care for more trees across D.C.
  • Get brand exposure. You can brand yourself or your business as community and sustainability-minded. All donations are professionally displayed and you or your business’s name is listed alongside the item and in the evening’s program.
  • Receive a tax deduction. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law as a charitable contribution.
  • Feel good. Sharing is caring so when you donate, you can take great satisfaction in knowing that you did a good deed.

To make your donation — you do not need to be in the D.C. area to donate — complete our online form, send us an email, or call us at 202.833.9125.

Want to make a greater commitment to re-treeing D.C.? Become a Canopy Awards sponsor! There are multiple levels of support to choose from, so find the one that works best for you. For a full listing of sponsorship levels and the benefits of each click here.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

A new season brings new opportunities to get outside and get involved with Casey Trees! Whether you want to get your hands dirty, learn more about trees, or pitch in where you can, we have something for everyone:

Throughout the Spring and Summer | Outreach Volunteers
Share your love of urban tree canopies and Casey Trees with D.C.! Outreach Volunteers are ambassadors of Casey Trees that promote our work at various events throughout the city, such as farmer’s markets, festivals, and neighborhood gatherings. Largely held outdoors, outreach volunteers at these events help spread the word about preserving and promoting D.C.’s tree canopy and green spaces.

Friday, April 28 | Park Inventory: Arbor Day at the Washington Monument
What better way to spend Arbor Day than outside on the National Mall? Come join Casey Trees as we survey the trees around the Washington Monument! It’s been over a decade since these iconic trees have been inventoried and we need your help. Want to put your tree skills to the test?

Saturday, May 6 | Park Inventory: Rawlins/Walt Whitman Park
Come join Casey Trees as we inventory an urban oasis — Rawlins/Walt Wiltman Park! We need your help to survey and take inventory of the trees. After learning the tools and techniques participants will split up into groups and begin measuring trees. We will be documenting tree species, height, diameter of the trunk, width of the crown and more.

Saturday, May 13 | Class: Trees 201
During this training, you will learn how to identify trees commonly found in Washington D.C. and then we will practice our tree ID skills by inventorying trees at Kennedy Rec Center. This course is geared toward Citizen Foresters, Citizen Scientists, Project Organizers and anyone who is interested in building confidence in tree identification.

Saturday, May 27 | Park Inventory: Washington Monument SW
Our inventory of the National Mall continues as we inventory the area southwest of the Washington Monument. Help us as we survey iconic trees in downtown D.C. If you’ve participated in our Trees 101 or Trees 201 class, this will be a great way to put your knowledge into action.

Saturday, June 1 | Park Inventory: Pershing Park
Inventory Trees in a Hidden Gem of Downtown D.C. with Casey Trees! Want to put your tree skills to the test as we survey trees in Pershing Park?

Saturday, June 17 | Park Inventory: Triangle Park (San Martin Statue)
Nestled by the National Mall and the George Washington University, we need your help inventorying trees in Triangle Park (San Martin Statue Park). This is a great opportunity for Citizen Scientists, people looking to hone their tree identification and measuring skills, or anyone looking to get outside and learn.

Saturday, July 6 | Park Inventory: McPherson Square
As we continue inventorying trees throughout the District, help us at McPherson Square. You’ll receive a short, hands-on training on site.  After learning the tools and techniques participants will split up into groups and begin measuring trees.

Saturday, July 15 | Park Inventory: Southwest Waterfront Park
This reestablished waterfront destination needs inventorying! Join us as we document tree species, height, diameter of the trunk, width of the crown and more.

Saturday, July 20 | Park Inventory: Franklin Square
Come spend an evening with Casey Trees on the historic Franklin Square! Put your tree skills to test (or learn some) while we survey trees throughout the square.

Saturday, August 5 | Park Inventory: Lederer Gardens & Environmental Education Center
Join Casey Trees on the last inventory of the season in the beautiful Lederer Gardens and Environmental Education Center. Many of these trees have never been surveyed before and we need your help. Want to put your tree skills to the test before fall sets in?