Citizen Science

Citizen science is the collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world. At Casey Trees our citizen science volunteers traverse the city collecting and documenting tree data that will be used to advance the field of urban forestry.

Tree Inventory

Over the past year we have inventoried thousands of trees across the district to determine the species, height, diameter of the trunk and health of the trees that are growing in our local and national parks.

This map displays the trees we have currently inventoried. You will find both the physical characteristics such as trunk size and health of the tree as well as some of the measurable benefits that tree provides such as carbon storage, avoided stormwater runoff and pollution removal.

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The purpose of these inventories is to gather accurate information that can be used to manage our community forest and prioritize tree maintenance needs. If you’re interested in volunteering next year, sign up for our newsletter to get notified.

We’ll be measuring more trees in the spring and fall of 2017!

Temperature Study

In an effort to quantify the temperature difference underneath an urban tree compared to direct sunlight we have designed a simple experiment that will give us a large amount of data.

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Phenology Study

We are seeking volunteers to observe and track the timing of seasonal events in several tree species that are common in the local area.

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i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis

What are the benefits of having trees in a city? They provide shade for buildings which in turn lowers utility costs and building emissions. They sequester carbon dioxide that is destroying our ozone. Trees also reduce storm water runoff and improve air quality. Our i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis reports track these benefits over time, and is based on tree data collected by citizen scientists from 201 plots across the district.

i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis 2015
i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis 2010
i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis 2006