Tree Seekers: Brian Levy, Ward 1

by Danielle Lomax, Digital Communications Intern

During the month of April we will be profiling Tree Rebate participants from across the city. Past participants will be featured on Tree Speak and in April’s issue of the Leaflet

Thanks to funding from the District Department of the Environment, Casey Trees provides rebates up to $100 to individuals who purchase and plant trees on private residential or commercial property in D.C through the Tree Rebate program.

For Brian Levy, the program helped him add a fruit orchard to the Boneyard Studios Alley Lot. Purchased in March 2012, the Boneyard Studios was originally a concrete slab, but today, the lot is home to a community garden, a bicycle workshop and the first tiny-home community in Washington, D.C.

“I wanted to plant a small fruit orchard on an alley lot,” Levy said, “and couldn’t do it without a bit of financial assistance.”

The tiny-home community was originally created to help combat the cost-of-living increase in the District. With a one- to two-person capacity, tiny homes offer an affordable and eco-friendly residential option to urban dwellers. As the owner of one of the four homes on the lot, Brian was excited to begin a new chapter in his life, which included planting and monitoring his new urban orchard.

“To me, planting trees signifies being rooted to a place,” he said. “Planting a tree is an act of commitment.”

Get a Tree Rebate

Planting a tree at home or work has never been more affordable! Participation is simple.

  • Submit a completed Tree Rebate form. There is no maximum number of rebates allowed per property.
  • Include purchase receipt for each tree listed.
  • Rebate requests are subject to approval by Casey Trees.

Check out another proud recipient of our Tree Rebate program, Heather Deutsch of Ward 5. Plant a tree on your property and get your own today!

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