Symposium: Next Steps

We thought it appropriate, as our Tree Canopy Symposium has passed and we look to the future, to share with you some of the feedback, resources and important next steps we look to take organizationally. What better voice to share these things than that of our Executive Director, Mark Buscaino:

I hope you agree that last week’s Tree Canopy Symposium was a rousing success.  Thanks to you from everyone here at Casey Trees for your participation and engagement.  We hope to hold these symposia every 2 – 3 years to continue to engage our local, regional and national partners, in the hopes of learning from each other and from the community of scientists and practitioners who help guide our work.

In the comment cards, many of you spoke about the clear link between trees and human health, and how we need to think about trees not only for beauty, but for improved quality of life.  Others were concerned about the loss of canopy not only in the District of Columbia, but nationwide, and asked what could be done to slow this disturbing trend.

Finally, a large majority of you responded that we should explore what regional coordination/cooperation might look like across the greater Washington metro area, so we may all benefit from each others’ work.  In response to that, as promised, Casey Trees’ staff will begin considering dates in 2013 to hold a facilitated regional discussion.

Thanks to all of you for making the Symposium a wonderful success and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The presentations from October 18th’s Symposium are available for your use below:

We also have pictures from the day’s events available on Flickr, with more shots from the morning’s speakers (such as Mayor Vincent C. Gray) soon to come.

As a final note, we’ve designed a special post-Symposium item available through our store, The ColleCTion. These limited-production map prints are to remind us all that the Symposium is as much about the day’s events as it is about the steps forward we take afterward.

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