School CTP Recap

With October gone and November soon rolling into December, it’s time to recap this year’s community tree plantings, specifically those at our local schools. We brought 66 trees to 219 students at 10 different schools this season – following up with a variety of schools that we had previously planted at once before, but also expanding our horizons into Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, Maryland for the first time.

Our first planting was actually our second trip to the Kingsbury Center, bringing our total to fourteen trees planted in all (with more to come!) It was a great way for us to start of the season and an awesome experience for the kids, considering we were able to plant some bare-root trees in addition to the traditional balled-and-burlap. Thanks to the science students (7th-12th grade) that helped out!

Our eleven trees this fall at Collegiate Public Charter School marked our third trip there, and helped us reach a total of 23 trees planted! We always love going back to Jabbari Brew’s old alma mater (a Tree Planting crew member) — he always get’s so excited! Sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council, we had an additional 30 volunteers join the 11th and 12th graders plant.

 Then came Maury Elementary – five trees, twenty 3rd graders, and 11 trees marked our 2nd planting here. At the National Child Research Center, our five trees were quite the accomplishment for all twenty-one preschool students and their parents! Marking our 2nd and final planting at the school, our 10 trees in total really diversified the tree canopy here – and helped add to the beauty of the campus.

Drew Freeman Middle School hosted us for the first time – and with 8 trees (some of which were cherries sponsored by the National Cherry Blossom Festival) and 30 7th-9th graders, there was a lot of work to be done. But since it was our first PG county planting, and the school still has so much plantable space available, we’d love to go back and do more!

Anne Beers Elementary and Stoddert Elementary were both new sites for us. We planted fruit trees as a part of Anne Beers’ Growing Healthy Schools Week initiative, near their existing garden space, with sixteen 2nd-5th graders. Eight fruit trees also made up the stock for Stoddert (26 1st-5th graders), but we’re hoping to be planting some shade trees there in the coming spring!

Additional new sites for us, to round out the season? Imagine Southeast Public Charter SchoolGrace Episcopal Day School (Montgomery County – yayy!), and the Arts & Technology Academy totaled 18 trees (Arts & Technology received some cherries from NCBF too!) and 63 student-planters. Each of these sites all have potential for future plantings as well!

We must make sure to thank all those school teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers, students, and staff that made the fall 2012 school planting season possible.

If you’d like to submit an application for a possible future school planting? Learn how.

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