In March 2011, Casey Trees started its tree nursery.

The first 6-acre field typically has 3,000 to 3,500 trees when planted out. The remaining field space is reserved for cutting beds that we use for propagation and space for trials. The second field can hold up to 5,400 trees on our regular spacing.

We are in the process of developing Field 3. The field will be approximately 15 acres and hold 6,000 to 8,000 trees. It will also have some area set aside for field tests, specialty growing, and other needs as they arise.

Raising our own trees has many advantages:

  • Access to tree species not readily available commercially such as hickories, sassafras and American beech;
  • Ability to employ innovative nursery practices such as production of bare-root stock;
  • Quality control of tree stock; and,
  • Research opportunities.

This number of trees will eventually allow for a harvest rate of up to 2,500 trees per year to be used in Casey Trees’ tree planting operations in D.C. and elsewhere.

We use many innovative practices for planting and caring for trees on the farm, including drip-irrigation, Missouri Gravel Bed, bare-root trees and root bag trees. Read more about our tree growing and field irrigation systems for our farm’s nursery.