3015 Tree Yard

3015 Tree Planting Annex

Less than two years after opening our office headquarters, we invested again in Brookland by renovating a former filling station. We converted this property into our Tree Planting Annex next door at 3015 12th Street NE to serve the needs of our Tree Planting department.

The first floor of this two story building houses our equipment and tools, and the upstairs serves as office space. The roof is fitted with solar panels which offset up to 60% of the building’s energy needs, and the rain garden located along 12th Street not only controls stormwater, but also provides much-needed greenery to the block. The property surrounding the building is used to hold trees which are in turn planted at our many events in D.C. and beyond.

Renovations were completed in September 2012. Thomas Andrews was the supervising architect and JGM Construction the general contractor. The solar panels were made possible by a generous grant from the Department of Energy and the Environment.